If the position of the alveolar nerve is preventing you from receiving dental implants, then ask our periodontist about nerve repositioning. We offer this service and many others which allow Dr. Norman B. Fine to place implants safely and effectively. Contact Fine Periodontics today if you want to learn more about nerve repositioning in Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina.

Nerve repositioning is used if the alveolar nerve (which gives feeling to the chin and lower lip) is in the way of the placement of implants that restore the second premolars, first molars, and second molars. By repositioning this nerve, we prevent damage to it when we restore tooth structure. However, this extensive procedure often results in long-term numbness, so we will usually try other options first, such as the placement of blade implants.

We begin nerve repositioning by removing an outer section of the cheek to expose the nerve and vessel canal. This area is call a neuro-vascular bundle, and we will isolate it and pull it slightly to the side. Depending on the condition and health of your mouth, we will also place implants during this procedure. We then put the bundle back over the implant, place bone grafts, and close the area. Contact our periodontist if you would like to learn more about a nerve repositioning procedure.