Gum Disease

Fine Periodontics has treatments for various kinds of gum disease.

Patients suffering from periodontal disease should ask the doctors at Fine Periodontics about the benefits of osseous surgery. Through this procedure, our periodontist treats gum disease by removing the pockets around teeth and reshaping deformities. Contact the team at Fine Periodontics if you want to learn more about osseous surgery in Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina.

Patients who have gum disease often develop periodontal pockets around their teeth. These pockets worsen periodontal disease because they are difficult to clean, trapping food, bacteria, plaque, and tartar. In order to clean the tooth roots and reduce the size of periodontal pockets, we provide osseous surgery. Also known as a pocket reduction surgery or a gingivectomy, this procedure will help to fight gum disease so you can have a healthier smile.

After numbing the affected areas, we will make incisions to the gum tissues to pull them away from teeth so we can clean them with scaling. We will also smooth and reshape the tooth root surface with root planing because doing so makes it hard for bacteria to stick. We may also place bone grafts in severely affected areas. After we are done, we will suture the gum tissue and place a dressing over it.
Call our office if you wish to benefit from osseous surgery.

If you have gum disease, then one of the first procedures our licensed dental hygienist will perform is scaling and root planing. The dental hygienist will remove the bacteria and plaque that cause this disease and then smooth the tooth roots so these substances do not stick there again. You can learn more about this service when you call Fine Periodontics and ask about scaling and root planing in Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina.

Scaling and root planing is one of the most common and effective treatments recommended for gum disease before it becomes severe. This deep-cleaning treatment includes two main steps:

  • Scaling: In scaling, we remove plaque and tartar (dental calculus) from the tooth surface.
  • Root Planing: This step involves cleaning the roots of the teeth, and smoothing them to remove bacterial toxins.


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The goals of scaling and root planing are to remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar, and to halt the progress of the disease. While most scaling and root planing treatments can be completed comfortably without an anesthetic, our periodontist can offer several anesthetics and other comfort options to make certain that you feel at ease during your treatment. The scaling and root planing treatment may be split up into several appointments, in which we treat one section of the mouth at each appointment.

Scaling and root planing may be combined with other types of periodontal therapy, such as antibiotic treatment. For most patients, scaling and root planing are enough to prevent periodontal disease from progressing further. Please do not hesitate to contact our office for more information about the benefits of scaling and root planing and to learn more about the other types of periodontal treatment we offer.

The doctors at Fine Periodontics can heal your gum tissue of periodontal disease, and afterward we can continue to support your oral health by providing periodontal maintenance. We offer this ongoing treatment program at Fine Periodontics so we can continue to improve the health and strength of your gum tissue. Contact our team if you want to receive periodontal maintenance in Greenville or Anderson, South Carolina.

If your gums are tender, red, or swollen, or if they bleed easily, you may suffer from periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, which is also known as gum disease, is a degenerative condition caused by bacteria in plaque, which accumulate on the teeth. When not treated, periodontal disease can result in the loss of teeth, gum tissue, and bone. While gum disease is not curable, we can treat the condition and keep it under control to protect your oral health. Our periodontists can provide periodontal maintenance to help treat periodontal disease and prevent the serious effects of the condition.

Periodontal maintenance involves visiting our office on a regular basis, typically once every three months, for a professional cleaning. These treatments include thorough cleanings both above and below the gum line, removing plaque, tartar (hardened plaque, also called dental calculus), and bacteria to prevent the condition from worsening. Periodontal maintenance is recommended every three months because when biofilm is not removed, the periodontal bacteria begin to flourish within three to 12 weeks. By providing a cleaning at 12 weeks (three months), we are able to remove these bacteria and keep the condition under control. To learn more about periodontal maintenance and how we can treat gum disease, we welcome you to call or visit our office today.

We offer many minimally-invasive treatment options at Fine Periodontics, and that includes gum disease laser therapy. Patients will feel more comfortable and will heal more quickly when our periodontist performs gum disease treatments using dental lasers. Contact Fine Periodontics if you would like to learn more about the benefits of gum disease laser therapy in Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina.

Laser gum treatment is a type of treatment for periodontal disease that is completed using a dental laser. Our periodontist may recommend laser gum treatment if your smile is affected by periodontal disease. Also known as gum disease, periodontal disease is a degenerative condition caused by bacteria in plaque. As the plaque builds up on the teeth, the bacteria may cause inflammation and infection in the gums and supporting tissues. When left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss, bone loss, and receding gums. Laser gum treatment is used to kill bacteria, remove infected tissue and encourage the growth of healthy gum tissue. Through treatment, we strive to halt the progress of the disease and encourage the growth of healthy tissue.

Periodontal treatment completed using dental lasers is typically more comfortable than traditional methods. In fact, an anesthetic may not even be required for your laser gum treatment. Laser gum treatment is efficient and comfortable. Laser dentistry often eliminates the need for stitches. It also decreases your risk of infection following treatment and minimizes bleeding.

To learn more about the advantages of laser gum treatment, we welcome you to call or visit our dental office today.
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