Crown Lengthening: The Steps to a Toothier Smile

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Maybe your tooth needs crown or bridge, but there is too much gumline for such a device to be effective. Or perhaps you just want to flash more of your pearly whites. Here at Fine Periodontics in Greenville, South Carolina, Dr. Norman B. Fine and his team of experts are trained in crown lengthening. Crown lengthening, also called gum contouring, is a kind of surgery meant to reveal a greater amount of the length of your teeth. Here are the steps to a toothier smile:


There will likely be one or two preparation visits. Here we will review your medical history and x-rays. Depending on your needs, Fine Periodontics may give you a professional tooth cleaning or a temporary crown. Then we will schedule the surgery.


To prevent you from feeling any pain, Dr. Norman B. Fine will first administer anesthesia. Then he will make tiny incisions in your gum tissue and remove little bits of bone from your teeth roots. Finally, the surgical area will be sterilized and Dr. Fine will sew up your gums so they can heal properly.


In order to reduce swelling, you will probably want to ice your face on and off for several hours. We will give you special directions for your diet and oral hygiene. Dr. Fine will write a prescription for a pain reliever and mouth rinse. We After a week, Dr. Fine will carefully remove your stitches. Your gums will be healing for about three months, during which we might schedule follow up visits to check the progression of your healing.

Have more questions about crown lengthening? Give us a call at 864-299-5900. We are always here to make you smile.