A Tooth That Can’t Be Treated by a Root Canal Might Need a Dental Implant Restoration

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If you choose not to have a cavity treated, the bacterial presence will continue to spread deeper and deeper into the tooth. This increases your chances of suffering an infection in the pulp of the tooth or a severe dental fracture from the compromised enamel. At this point, it might still be possible for your dentists to give you a root canal.

This is a special endodontic therapy designed to remove the entire tooth enamel layer and excise all infected material. In a severe case, the tooth might be too compromised for a root canal to viably treat the problem. This is more likely to be a problem if an abscess has developed in the underlying gums.

To treat a tooth in this severe distress, our periodontist at Fine Periodontics’s Greenville, South Carolina clinic might advocate extracting all remnants of the tooth from the socket, along with any other infected tissues. Once your gums have healed they can then start preparing the area for a dental implant restoration.

This is a titanium abutment that our oral surgeons install directly into your jawbone. Titanium ideal for this because it is known to be biologically compatible, and will eventually attain total fusion with the living bone tissues in the area.

Our oral surgeons can install the titanium abutment in a single outpatient appointment. You will need to be deeply sedated for this stage of the process. Afterward, a friend of family member drives you home while you regain your senses.

Once the titanium implant has attained fully fused with the surrounding bone structure, we can fit you for a crown. This is a perfect replica of the original tooth enamel layer, cast in either gold, porcelain, or an alloy of base metals.

If you live in the Greenville, South Carolina area and you are suffering from a severely decayed tooth, you should call 864-299-5900 to explore your treatment and restoration options at Fine Periodontics’s clinic.