Untreated Gum Disease Can Lead to the Loss of Multiple Teeth

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If you frequently struggle to maintain a consistent oral hygiene routine a significant amount of bacterial matter can start to accumulate in your mouth. Over time plaque and residual food particles can start to harden into tartar near the gumline. As it continues to build up the persistent bacterial presence can increase your chances of suffering from gum disease.

Early signs of a periodontal health problem often manifest as gums that look inflamed and bleed easily while your brush or floss. Some patients with gum disease also struggle with chronic bad breath.

Without professional treatment from a periodontist like Dr. Norman B. Fine the periodontal inflammation of gingivitis can gradually worsen into periodontitis.

This level of gum disease can cause your gums to gradually recede from your teeth. As it continues to progress small pockets of infection can start to develop deep in your gums near the roots of your teeth. In time this severe form of gum disease can also lead to bone loss as well as the loss of multiple teeth.

Treatment of gum disease will vary based on the severity of the problem and the overall health of your periodontal tissues. After professional diagnosis or periodontist will explain your treatment options.

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