Patients suffering from periodontal disease should ask Dr. Norman B. Fine about the benefits of osseous surgery. Through this procedure, our periodontist treats gum disease by removing the pockets around teeth and reshaping deformities. Contact the team at Fine Periodontics if you want to learn more about osseous surgery in Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina.

Patients who have gum disease often develop periodontal pockets around their teeth. These pockets worsen periodontal disease because they are difficult to clean, trapping food, bacteria, plaque, and tartar. In order to clean the tooth roots and reduce the size of periodontal pockets, we provide osseous surgery. Also known as a pocket reduction surgery or a gingivectomy, this procedure will help to fight gum disease so you can have a healthier smile.

After numbing the affected areas, we will make incisions to the gum tissues to pull them away from teeth so we can clean them with scaling. We will also smooth and reshape the tooth root surface with root planing because doing so makes it hard for bacteria to stick. We may also place bone grafts in severely affected areas. After we are done, we will suture the gum tissue and place a dressing over it. Call our office if you wish to benefit from osseous surgery.