We offer several bone grafting and regeneration procedures at Fine Periodontics, and we also offer bone morphogenetic proteins to restore lost bone structure. When Dr. Norman B. Fine applies these proteins to areas of bone loss in your mouth, then we can naturally regrow this lost tissue. Call our periodontist if you would like to benefit from bone morphogenetic proteins in Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina.

When the inflammatory infection of gum disease moves into its advanced stages, then it can destroy the bone structure of your jaw. The most common procedure to restore this lost structure is through the application of bone grafts. These grafts either come from your own body, a cadaver, or synthetic materials; however, the latter two are not as effective at restoring bone structure because they do not contain living tissues. For an alternative to bone grafts, we offer bone morphogenetic proteins.

Also known as BMPs, bone morphogenetic proteins are an FDA-approved substance used to stimulate the formation of new cartilage and bone tissues. These proteins come in a liquid form, and they naturally occur in the body. We will soak the BMPs in a collagen sponge and apply it to the affected areas of your mouth during surgery. As the sponge is absorbed into your body, the proteins will encourage the natural growth of bone tissues. Please call our office if you would like to learn more.