At Fine Periodontics, we can prevent problems caused by tooth loss when we perform a socket preservation procedure. By placing bone tissues in the tooth socket after extraction, Dr. Norman B. Fine prevents shrinkage, bone loss, and difficulties with dental restorations. Schedule a visit with our periodontist if you would like to benefit from socket preservation in Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina.

If you have a tooth extracted, then the socket that remains in your jaw can be subject to damage from infection and disease. It can also shrink after tooth removal, which may create indents that affect your facial structure. Additionally, extractions create a loss of bone structure that makes it difficult to place implants and can create problems with bridges and dentures. In order to prevent these issues from developing, we provide a socket preservation procedure.

By performing this service after a tooth extraction, we can preserve the area and minimize bone loss. We will fill the socket with bone tissue (or another substitute) and then cover the area with gum tissue, an artificial membrane, or tissue stimulating proteins. By filling the area, we restore lost structure, stop shrinkage, and provide an implant foundation. Please visit our office if you want to learn more about socket preservations.