If tooth and bone loss has created unsightly indents in your jaw and gum tissues, then ask our periodontist about a ridge augmentation. Dr. Norman B. Fine uses this bone grafting procedure to restore the contour and structure of these areas. Schedule a visit to Fine Periodontics if you want to benefit from a ridge augmentation in Greenville orAnderson, South Carolina.

The alveolar ridge bone is the part of your jaw that surrounds and supports your teeth at their roots. If you lose teeth, the socket inside of this bone usually heals on its own, but sometimes it can break and reduce the height and width of the socket. This results in bone loss that makes it difficult to place implants. It can also create indents in the gum and jaw. Other causes for indents in the ridge bone include periodontal disease, wearing dentures, birth defects, and injury.

If you dislike the appearance of these indents or if you want to receive a dental implant, then ask us about a ridge augmentation. This bone grafting procedure is specifically designed to restore the height and width of a socket using grafts and space-maintaining products. After lifting the gum tissue away to expose the affected area, we will place the graft and then suture the tissue over it again. We often perform this procedure immediately after tooth extractions, and after several months of healing, the graft will fuse to the alveolar ridge bone. Call our office if you want to learn more about a ridge augmentation.