Women experience several hormone changes throughout their life which create effects throughout their entire body, especially during times of puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Dr. Norman B. Fine and our team know that the risk for developing gum disease increases during these times, which is why we offer periodontal care in Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina, so we can protect your oral health.


Your body increases the production of sex hormones during this time, which increases your gum sensitivity. This means that food particles and plaque are more likely to irritate your gum tissue, making it swell, turn red, and feel tender.


A few days before you start your period, you may experience symptoms such as redness, swelling, and soreness of your gums and even the inside of your cheek. These symptoms usually dissipate once your period begins.


You will be more susceptible to periodontal disease during pregnancy, and it can cause complications that harm your baby’s health. You should maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine during this time, visiting our periodontist if you do develop the red, swollen, tender gums of periodontal disease. You may also develop lumps in your mouth as a result of a local irritant, but these are painless, non-cancerous, and they usually go away after pregnancy. If the lumps remain, then visit Fine Periodontics so we can remove them.

Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are synthetic hormones which may cause bleeding, soreness, and swelling with your gums. Please inform your dentist, our periodontist, and other medical professionals if you are taking oral contraceptives before you receive dental or medical treatments. This knowledge will prevent us from prescribing medication that interferes with the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.


Women who are menopausal and post-menopausal may experience many changes in the mouth such as pain, a burning sensation, dry mouth, and peppery, salty, or sour tastes. Maintaining good oral hygiene and receiving professional dental cleanings can help to relieve these problems. We may also suggest other solutions, such as prescribing artificial saliva to remedy a dry mouth problem.