Adults are more likely to lose their teeth to gum disease than decay, and three out of four adults will probably experience gum disease at least once in their lifetime. Some of the best actions you can take to prevent this disease include brushing and flossing your teeth daily as well as receiving dental check-ups twice a year. However, we at Fine Periodontics know that some people can still develop gum disease even if they take these actions. This is especially the case if they have risk factors in their life like stress, tobacco use, bruxism, poor nutrition, or medication use. Dr. Norman B. Fine and our team provide gum disease treatment in Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina, to prevent this condition from becoming worse.

The Perioscope

Our periodontist uses some of the latest dental technology for your care, and that includes the perioscope. This endoscope allows us to explore periodontal pockets by producing digital images so we can see the surface of a tooth root and the bacteria, plaque, and tartar that has accumulated there.

The perioscope allows our periodontist to see the tooth root surface while removing plaque and tartar from it. This guide lets us clean all parts of the tooth root so you can have a healthier smile. The perioscope also lets us find other problems on the tooth root such as fractures, perforations, and disease.

Periodontal Disease & Tobacco

You know that tobacco use increases your risk for cancer, lung disease, and heart disease, but did you know that it also increases your risk for periodontal disease? Smokers usually develop more severe cases of gum disease as well as increased tartar formation, deeper periodontal pockets, and higher levels of bone and tissue loss. Smoking will also increase one’s risk for oral cancer.

The reason for this correlation is due to the nicotine and tar chemicals found in tobacco. They slow the healing process, making one more likely to develop the inflammatory infection of gum disease and less likely to have it treated successfully. If you quit smoking, then you can have improved oral and overall health.