Lost Teeth and Gum Disease

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You may have seen a picture of gum disease where a patient lost all of their teeth or where many of the teeth are missing or severely rotted. The positive news is that this isn’t always the case with gum disease, and that if you’re vigilant, you can reverse the effects of the early stages of gum disease.

Lost teeth and hurt bones occur when gum disease is in its latter phases, such as aggressive periodontitis and chronic periodontitis. By these phases, the gums have become so inflamed that they may form sacks big enough to loosen the tooth roots to the point of falling out. However, in the earlier stages of periodontal disease, gums are less inflamed, so the sacks haven’t fully formed and your teeth likely won’t fall out. You can reverse this type of periodontal disease by visiting your dentist often and brushing and flossing daily. With some healthy oral hygiene habits practiced and after a professional cleaning, your gums will be healthier and stronger and your pearly whites will be tightly in place.

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