Halloween Oral Health: Candies to Avoid

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With the coming of Halloween comes numerous risks to your precious teeth. Not only can dental damage arise in the form of enamel loss and cavities, but you can also easily chip and crack your teeth if you’re not careful. Always exercise caution during the holidays and consider planning ahead to ensure your smile can survive Halloween and many more holidays to come.

Increased oral health risks during the holidays include dental damage arising from erosion. Most sweets and treats contain excessive amounts of sugar which can easily contribute to cavities and tooth decay. Always remember that after each season to always dispose of any extra candy. This helps prevent snacking on sweets long after the holidays.

If you wish to forgo sweets altogether, try implementing healthy treats instead. If you have children, you can still allow your children to enjoy the pleasures of trick or treating without the risks that come from eating all the candy afterward. You can do this by swapping out their treats for toys, money, or other incentives to satisfy your child.

From all of us at Fine Periodontics, have a safe and Happy Halloween! If you have any additional questions, or to book a future visit with Dr. Norman B. Fine, please contact us at 864-299-5900, or stop by our periodontic office in Greenville, South Carolina.