Could a Gingivectomy Boost Your Smile?

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When you smile, do you see a lot of your gums? Does it seem like you have rather short teeth? If you answered either of these questions with a yes, the good news is that you are not alone. We may be able to help you with a cosmetic surgery, called a gingivectomy, which could even make cleaning your teeth easier for you.

Growing up can be challenging, especially if you aren’t completely confident with your smile. You may have watched television shows, or even looked at your fellow classmates, and wondered how the actors achieved their seemingly flawless smiles. Maybe you even practiced your smiling in the mirror, trying to get a similar result. But try as you might, perhaps you weren’t able to smile with your teeth without also showing a significant portion of your gums.

You might have tried straightening your teeth with braces, but you may not have known that anything could be done about having a gummy smile. That is where our periodontist, Dr. Norman B. Fine, can help by examining your dental health to determine if you’re a candidate for a gingivectomy. This procedure removes a portion of your gingiva, or gum, that surrounds the tooth to help improve that tooth’s length or height. That portion of gum may have been overgrown and removing it can enable you to clean your teeth more effectively and may eliminate your gummy smile.

After your procedure, you might have a surgical dressing or pack that is placed around the teeth and gums that were involved. It will need to stay in place for as long as our periodontist instructs. We can provide you with further instructions on your care at your appointment, but you may need to swish your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash for a period of time.

If you would like to know more about a gingivectomy in Greenville, South Carolina, you are welcome to set up a consultation at Fine Periodontics by calling 864-299-5900. We want you to have a smile that you can love to share.