Cosmetic and Functional Gingivectomy

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Crown lengthening, or a gingivectomy, is a rather common procedure for both cosmetic and periodontal disease treatment. It involves removing and reshaping the gumline on the teeth, either to reveal more teeth or to reduce pockets caused by gingivitis.

Gum shaping is a process used to help gums appear more regular. It is often used to treat encroaching gums, sometimes referred to as a “gummy” smile. If the gums are too high, teeth look shorter than they are. This is why the treatment is often called crown lengthening because the teeth appear longer after the procedure. Whatever you call the treatment or its impetus, gum shaping can help improve your smile.

Gingivitis is often a reason to get a gingivectomy. Advanced gum disease inflames and loosens the gums. This can create pockets between the teeth and the gums where bacteria can grow and flourish. A gingivectomy can reduce the pockets and reduce the spaces for the bacteria to grow.

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